BTC Faucet Collection 

  1. Strongly Recommended. The concept behind this is "cloud bitcoin mining". You begin by purchasing GH/s (mining hardware shares). Your shares are then  put to work mining within minutes. These shares are dealt with in a commodity exchange fashion which adds a ton of excitement. Profit can also be made by strategically buying and selling your shares. 
  2.  Adfly $$ for links. Read our adfly how to here
  3.  Cash Crate like a bux site on steroids. 
  4.  VideoBTCNot Active Domain For Sale 
  5.  BTC Clicks ptc
  6.  Bit Visitor earn by viewing websites
  7.  CoinAd  ptc site
  8.  BitBucksGPT Nice site, personally recommended 
  9.  Free cool site. Essentially a faucet, with a unique twist
  10.  Bitcoin Get you can earn a ton here with the tasks. Also one of the last to earn via viewing videos
  11.  Free Bitcoinz faucet 
  12.  CoinTube  (temporarily down) they don't have it posted, but make sure to play videos for a minimum of 30 seconds for your credits to register
  13.  I Want Free Bitcoins
  14.  A Bit Back tasks 
  15.  BTC 4 U faucet
  17.  The Bitcoin faucet
  18.  Fr33Bitcoins faucet
  19.  Unsuck BTC faucet ( cashout)
  20.  Free Bitcoins 4 u faucet
  21.  Bitcoin Spain
  22.  Faucet BTC New Faucet
  23.  Ten.Bitcoin faucet
  24.  el Bitcoin Gratis faucet
  25.  Raw Bitcoins faucet  
  26.  USB Miner Powerful, sleek, compact usb miners pushing 2.5 GH/s. Perfect for the beginner who wants to get their feet wet mining coin!
  27.  Retro Free Bitcoins faucet                                                 
  28.  Virtual Faucet faucet
  29.  The Free Bitcoins faucet
  30.  Free 
  31.  Green Coins faucet
  32.  Free Bitcoin Lottery
  33.  Land Of Bitcoin faucet
  34.  Sr Bitcoin faucet
  35.  BitCats faucet
  36.  Bitcoins 4 Free faucet
  37.  The Free Bitcoins faucet
  38.  Btc Mine faucet
  39.  Earn Free Bitcoins  faucet
  40.  Faucet BTC faucet
  41.  Free BTC 4 All  faucet
  42.  Coin Chat chatroom that tips BTC for chatting I'm on here frequently :)
  43.  Bitcoin Forest faucet
  44.  Red Coins faucet
  45.  Daily Bitcoins faucet
  46.  Free Bitcoins faucet
  47.  Bitcoin Bunnys faucet
  48.  Bitcoin Tree faucet
  49.  Bit Coiner faucet
  50.  Bitcoin World faucet 
  51.  BitcoinAR faucet
  52.  Free BTC Lottery Entry
  53.  Potato Free faucet
  54.  Free BTC faucet
  55.  Hart Code
  56.  Bitcoin Dispenser
  57.  Bitcoin Services tasks
  59.  Honey Bitcoin view ads low paying
  60.  Bit Coinz  tasks
  61.  Free Btc 
  62.  Bitcoin 4 U    
  63.  Bit Hits faucet    
  64.  Earn The Bitcoin  tasks
  65.  Bitcoins 4 Me         
  66.  BitBin  Check out their FAQ on top of page
  67.  Bit Pasta similar to BitBin

Obtain a free Bitcoin Wallet blockchain

Purchase Physical Goods With BTC

Coinabul Gold for BTC
BTC Crow Escrow Service
Coin Mama down
Obtain a free Bitcoin Wallet blockchain

Bitcoin Gambling Websites

Seals W/ Clubs BTC poker
BitMillions trusted lottery site                       
Bitcoin Video Casino I've won 2 BTC here :P
Bit Bet  

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